Post-doctoral position in Neurosciences

The Fonds Clinatec is hiring a post-doctoral researcher in neurosciences

Responsable : Fonds Clinatec

Level : Post-doc

Duration : 2 years + 1 year extension

Where : clinatec – bat 43 – 17 avenue des Martyrs – 38054 Grenoble Cedex

Contact : Malvina Billères –

Job description :
Clinatec biomedical research centre Edmond J. Safra has been working for several years to develop innovative technological devices and methods to treat the neurodegenerative diseases. Professor Alim-Louis Benabid and Professor John Mitrofanis have initiated and developed the use of photobiomodulation, the use of red to near infrared light on body tissues, on animal models of Parkinson’s disease, in particular with the use of a novel intracranial implant. This work has translated successfuly to clinical trial, under the direction of Professor Stephan Chabardès at the University Hospital in Grenoble.
The benefits of photobiomodulation are multiple and we are now considering other therapeutic applications including Alzheimer’s disease, subject of the COVEA NEUROTEC project initiated in 2021 at the CLINATEC Endowment Fund and carried by Professor John Mitrofanis. Other projects underway, or being planned, include clinical trials on traumatic brain injury, Lewy body disease and myocardial infarction recovery.
The FDD Clinatec wishes to recruit a post-doctoral researcher with the ability to set-up and manage a preclinical project to test the impact of PBM, when applied at night, on sleep architecture. The project will consider the effect on normal mice, as well as on a drug-inudced animal model of Alzheimer’s disease. The applicant will set up EEG (electroencephaologram) and new motion detector systems to test the photobiomodulation-induced effects. In the Alzheimer’s mice, the key issue of neuroprotection will be explored. The findings will set the template for development of a clinical trial testing the effect of photobiomodulation on sleep in humans. The development of relationships with institutional partners is also an area to be explored in relation to photobiomodulation.
Skills and expertise :

The applicant must have a PhD in the fields of either neuroscience or biotechnology. He/she must have some previous experience in setting up pre-clinical projects with between 1 to 5 years of post-doctoral research experience. Experience in the field of sleep research or photonics applied to the biomedical field is not essential, but most desirable.

The applicant must be motivated, autonomous, organised, and be comfortable in a multidisciplinary environment. FDD Clinatec is a thriving research centre that incorporates a range of themes, from basic science mechanisms through to translation to clinical application.

Localisation :

The position is open at the Clinatec site, the Edmond J. Safra biomedical research centre in Grenoble. In partnership with CEA-LETI, CHU Grenoble, UGA, and the Clinatec Endowment Fund, bringing together technologists, biologists and clinicians, Clinatec’s mission is to develop and optimise the transfer of innovative solutions to patients, in partnership with industry. As part of this mission, several projects to develop innovative new medical devices in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and disability are currently underway on the Clinatec structure.

Equipment available on the Clinatec platform will be accessible, including functional MRI.

The Clinatec Endowment Fund now welcomes 10 researchers, post-docs, engineers and PhD students. Collaborations with the CEA, HEPIA in Geneva, the Grenoble Institut Neuroscience, the Laboratory of Psychology and Neurocognition of the University Grenoble Alpes, University of Strasbourg, Lyon CHU, The Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology in Nice places the Endowment Fund at the heart of innovative projects.

Contact Malvina Billères :

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