Our people

Doctors, engineers, biologists, and technology experts
working together in service to patients.

The Clinatec endowment fund team

Laurent Hérault, PhD

Pr Pierre Magistretti

International advisor and coordinator of the Scientific Committee


Project : Estime

Pr John Mitrofanis

Scientific director and
professor of neuroscience


Dr Malvina Billères

Scientific and operations manager



Nadège Canton

Communication manager


Florence Hernandez

Executive assistant


Laurine Pépin

Intern, multimedia and web


Dr Jaimie Hoh Kam

Dr Audrey Valverde

Cellular biology post-doctor researcher



Project : Covéa Neurotec Amodalz

Dr Marjorie Dole

Neuroscience and cognitive science researcher



Projects : Covéa Neurotec, Tiroc

Dr Arnaud Pautrat

Neuroscience researcher



Project : Estime

Nathan Barbe

PhD candidate, neuroscience



Project : DBS Sommeil

Lucile Cochard

Mechanical and materials engineer


Project : Covéa Neurotec

Magali Bartolomucci

Dr Kevin Paul

PhD in pharmacy and doctoral student in neuroscience


Project : Klésia SomniBrain

Maya Law-Pois

Portrait de Charline Bour

Dr Charline Bour

PhD in data science and artificial intelligence



Project : diabetes and stress

portrait de José Martinez Hernandez

Dr José Martinez Hernandez

Neuroscience researcher and biologist



Project : PatchLight

Portrait de Manal Ouboukha

Manal Ouboukha

Intern in biomedical physic


Project : Covéa Neurotec

Portrait de Aya Kroussa

Aya Kroussa

Intern in signal processing


Project : BCI

Portrait de Baptiste Clavières

Baptiste Clavières

Engineering intern


Project : BCI

Strong local partnerships

Grenoble has long been a center for medical innovations at the crossroads of technology and clinical practice. Fonds Clinatec works with the following research partners:


The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a major research and technology organization (RTO) in service to government, citizens, and the economy. The CEA’s mission is to build tomorrow’s society today through research on micro- and nanoelectronics, new energy technology, and medical technology.


Grenoble University Medical Center is the leading hospital in the French Alps, a region that is home to two million people. Its missions are patient care, teaching, research, and prevention.


Université Grenoble Alpes is home to 62,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 3,700 doctoral students, and 7,000 faculty members. This major university is committed to innovation in teaching and cross-disciplinarity in both research and academics.

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

The Grenoble area intermunicipal government, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, has supported Fonds Clinatec’s research and community outreach activities since the beginning.

Partnerships with hospitals

To broaden the range of clinical indications likely to benefit from the technologies we have developed, we have partnerships with:

CHU de Strasbourg

Strasbourg University Hospitals are ranked among France’s top teaching hospitals and have earned recognition for quality of patient care, excellence in research, and initial and continuing education for the region’s healthcare professionals.


Hospices Civils de Lyon, with its 200-year history, is a group of thirteen quality hospitals covering all medical and surgical disciplines.

CHUV de Lausanne

The Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois is one of five university medical centers in Switzerland. The center’s partnership with the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at Université de Lausanne makes it a European leader in patient care, medical research, and teaching.

Key institutional partnerships

Our scientific expertise benefits from partnerships with:


Université Clermont Auvergne is poised to play a key role in the region’s economic revitalization by becoming a major teaching and research university with a strong international component and robust ties to local communities and, more broadly, the economy and society.


HEPIA, the Geneva School of Landscape, Engineering, and Architecture, is one of six Geneva-based institutions belonging to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland. HEPIA is a center for excellence in engineering and architecture, focusing on sustainable development and resource management.

Institut de la santé du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Institute of Health is a publicly-funded biomedical research organization that specializes in precision health. The institute’s ambition is to become a European leader in transforming outstanding research into direct and meaningful impacts on patients.

Fondation Alzheimer

La Fondation Alzheimer, a major stakeholder in research on Alzheimer’s and related disorders, supports high-level research in the field. La Fondation Alzheimer and the Clinatec endowment fund issued a call for innovative tech-driven research proposals to benefit people with Alzheimer’s in 2021.


The EBRAINS data platform was co-founded by the CEA with support from the European Commission to enable Europe’s top brain research teams to cooperate and disseminate their research results. The Clinatec endowment fund is an EBRAINS partner.