Maya Law-Pois, February’s Talent

Maya is starting a 6-month internship at Fonds Clinatec as part of her Master 2 “Biology of Aging” at Paris-Saclay. She will be working alongside Dr Audrey Valverde on the Covea Neurotec Amodalz project to demonstrate the neuroprotective effects of photobiomodulation in Alzheimer’s disease.

Charline Bour, January’s Talent

Charline joined the Fonds Clinatec at the start of the year as a post-doctoral student in data science and artificial intelligence on the “Diabetes and stress” project, the aim of which is to design a simple, accessible tool for the general public to measure stress levels in people, particularly those affected by diabetes.

Magali Bartolomucci, December Talent of the Month

Magali joined the Fonds Clinatec on September 1, 2023 to strengthen the team working on photobiomodulation and more specifically on the KLESIA SomniBrain project, the aim of which is to measure the impact of photobiomodulation on sleep quality and study its preventive and curative effects in Parkinson’s disease.

A new visual identity for the Fonds Clinatec

The year 2023 was a busy one for the Fonds Clinatec, with the arrival of a new CEO, Dr Laurent Hérault, a new President, Sophie Cluzel, and a Scientific Director, Prof. John Mitrofanis. As we approach our 10th anniversary, these changes reflect an evolution in the ambition of the Fonds Clinatec, which has adopted a […]

Kevin Paul, Fonds Clinatec talent for November

With two Masters degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Physiology, Neuroscience and Behavior, Kevin joined the Fonds Clinatec in September 2023 to prepare a thesis in Neuroscience. His research project is part of the KLESIA SomniBrain project, which aims to use photobiomodulation to treat sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Scientific paper

Congratulations to Dr Jaimie Hoh Kam and Prof. John Mitrofanis who has recently published in Cells MDPI Journal, on the impact of glucose on modifying ATP and ROS levels in mouse fibroblast cell cultures by #photobiomodulation. This work was carried out as part of the major #CoveaNeurotec program on the #detection, #treatment and #prevention of […]