Press visit to Clinatec

This Thursday, June 27, Clinatec opened its doors to the press to present its projects, researchers and infrastructures.

miniature voyage de presse

On Thursday June 27, Clinatec welcomed a delegation of national journalists.

This press trip was a great opportunity to (re)discover the groundbreaking medical innovations developed in Grenoble, from basic research to clinical trials, with one principle in mind : putting the patient at the heart of the process.

” Making the impossible possible  ” : since its creation, this is what Clinatec has succeeded in doing :
– by restoring mobility to tetraplegic and paraplegic patients thanks to a brain implant,
– by slowing neuronal degeneration in Parkinson’s disease using near-infrared light,
– or the focused cooling of brain cells to prevent epileptic seizures.

Today, Clinatec’s 90 scientists, with their multi-disciplinary skills, continue to carry out research projects designed to improve the daily lives of millions of patients and make innovation accessible to as many people as possible.

Clinatec’s ability to accelerate its research work is due in no small part to the commitment of its patrons and donors. Nearly 40 organizations support us today, including Fondation Covéa, KLESIA, Carcept Prev, Malakoff Humanis, AG2R LA MONDIALE, Groupe AGRICA, AGRICA EPARGNE, Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes, Groupe AGPM, Mutualia, Groupe APICIL, OCIRP… Impossible to name them all, but we thank them for their support and trust.

Sophie Cluzelindicates : “Today, we want to go even further, and mobilize other patrons, individuals, foundations and companies, across the entire economic fabric. Because disease concerns us of all, because it represents a growing cost for our societies, and above all because we believe that the coupling between the modalities and principles of physics, artificial intelligence and technology offers hope. Today, we have the means to achieve major therapeutic advances, for the benefit of patients and their caregivers. Together, with all those who support us and will support us in the future, we can continue to make the impossible possible.”

Looking back at the day with the press: 

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Sophie Cluzel

11 April 2024